When I visited Australia

I chose the Australian airline Qantas to take me there. The decision was based mostly on the fact that the price of the flight was the best I found at the time of my search, I had read decent reviews on the airline, and the schedule of the flights matched my needs.

I’m not really loyal to any one airline and will typically choose the airline that will offer me the best deal, but I will say that I did enjoy my experience flying with Qantas, at least as much as one enjoys absurdly long red-eye flights in economy class, anyway.

The Qantas staff was friendly and accommodating, and the plane was reasonably comfortable (again, for economy class). They fed me well and were very good about offering me a special meal to meet my dietary needs (I’m celiac so I needed gluten-free meals and snacks, which they provided). japan visitor visa

The food wasn’t bad and they fed me plenty of it, so I didn’t go hungry. They even had an area in the back of the plane with self-serve snacks and drinks for those who needed a little extra something.

They provided me a pillow and blanket, which was nice for a 15-hour red-eye flight, and the legroom was decent (again, for economy class). I’m not really able to sleep on planes, so I spent some time wandering around and stretching my legs, which didn’t seem to be a problem for them.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience flying with Qantas on my recent trip to Australia. I flew the late night flight from Los Angeles to Brisbane, connected to Cairns. Then a week later flew from Cairns to Sydney, and then Sydney back to Los Angeles. My overall experience with the airline was a pleasant one.

The flight to Brisbane was fairly comfortable (for Economy class, anyway). It was on a newer plane. The service was good. The connecting flights within Australia were fine. Just typical shorter economy class flights. No complaints. the flight back to Los Angeles from Sydney was less comfortable. It was on an older plane and it did feel more cramped than the flight over, which is tough on a 15-hour flight. I got up from my seat to stretch out a lot and got through it. The staff was really friendly and helpful throughout the whole journey, however. Egypt is a good travel destination, To go there visit: Egyptian Visa

All in all, I would say they were a good choice and I was quite pleased with the overall experience. Definitely check them out if you’re looking to fly to Australia.